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About the project

Skyscraper NFT is a project with 4000 unique apartments built on the solana blockchain. The Skyscraper team is full of geeks and enthusiasts with many years of experience in cryptocurrencies, art and programming. Our goal is to create a project that will bring it's owners a unique high-quality experience in the NFT space.

Our team of skilled graphic designers and artists worked on every single apartment in order to make each apartment unique and authentic. The team of experienced programmers is working on an interactive game in which NFT apartments will be located. We will reveal more details about the game very soon.

Our vision is to create a high-quality NFT project with a great community of people interested in NFT, crypto, gaming, or high-value projects. Feel free to join us on our social media. For more information please visit our Roadmap or Q&A.

Why Skyscraper NFT?


Each SKYSCRAPER NFT apartment is built and designed by our team of passionate artists and skilled designers. One of our highest priorities is to create a unique atmosphere and features from each apartment.


We are preparing a fully integrated metaverse with a lot of exciting features, where all holders of SKYSCRAPER NFT can meet, chat and visit our main Skyscraper and lots more! The Beta version will be released and accessible before the mint! For the metaverse snapshots visit our Discord server or Twitter account.


Holders will be able to stake their NFTs through Solaland DAO and they will receive a daily SSC token that can be used for customizing the apartments and as ingame currency. There are going to be at least 30 Unique apartments and at least 40 gold bar apartments rewarded with 1 Sol and 0,5 Sol respectively! After the mint, every holder will get a 2D exact copy of the apartment and a 3D model of his NFT apartment in Sky city.

Long-term vision

Skyscraper NFT is much more than an NFT project. We are planning to build the project of interactivity and utility, community rewards and growth, and much more! We want the community to help dictate and determine which features we should be focusing on next.

Art showcase


Laying the Foundation

Beginning of development for Skyscraper NFT, design of our website and the first units, creation of socials such as Discord and Twitter.

Bring in the Cranes!

Launching marketing campaigns, giveaways, collaborations and much more

Building Higher

Growing our Twitter and Discord communities

Sky City

Release of the beta version of our metaverse city

Ribbon Cutting

4000 unique and real life inspired apartments in the futuristic skyscraper of metaverse open for the public

(Q1) Skyscraper Interactive Showcase

Our interactive app in which you can take a virtual tour of your apartment.

(Q1) Staking for $SSC token

Skyscraper in-game currency, usable for minigames and upgrading apartments.

(Q1) Real Estate Agent

Release of our own rarity tool 'Real Estate Agent'.

(Q2) Implementation of furniture shop

You will be able to trade furniture and accessories for your apartments. You will have endless options in the customization of your apartment, so you can feel at home.

(Q3) The full version of Sky City

You can meet and talk with other people in our city, trade furniture and accessories, and customize your apartments.


Skyscraper NFT will be launched on Alpha Pad.

The public mint date is 4th March 2022 22:00 UTC. Whitelist mint will take place at 21:00 UTC the same day.

You can mint 2 tokens for both WL and public mint.

Yes, after the launch, SKYSCRAPER NFT will be listed on Magic Eden.

You can find more information on our Discord server

Yes, we do! There are 450 whitelist spots. The best way how to get a whitelist is to join our Discord server and follow our Twitter where you can participate in a lot of contests for WL spots.

Yes! Royalties are set to 6%.

There will be 4000 unique apartments with various attributes. Our team of graphic designers has worked on every single apartment to create a unique atmosphere for every apartment.

There will be 3 main classes of rarity determinants:

  • 1st - Each apartment will contain furniture and accessories with various rarity.
  • 2nd - The higher the apartment is located, the rarer will be its price (Apartment numbers will not be related to floors).
  • 3nd – 30 special one-of-a-kind apartments will be minted, which will feature attributes unique to the whole collection. Some of these apartments will be showcased before the minting.

We want to provide our community with the best quality art for an affordable price. That is why we chose a mint price of 1 Solana. If you are planning to hold your NFT, you will be rewarded with a FREE 3D model which will be accesible in Sky City.

Skyscraper NFT is much more than an NFT art project. We are planning to build the project of interactivity and utility, community rewards and growth, collaboration with brands, and much more! We want the community to help dictate and determine which features we should be focusing on next - so you guys will be heavily involved in the future of Skyscraper NFT!

The Team

Little High

Game Development
/ Graphics (Lead)


Game Design and Art
/ Web Development




Brand Marketing Director


Technical Director


Head Moderator Director